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Home Fridge Repair Service

Refrigerators, like any equipment, can break down, and a large percentage of breakdowns are caused by violations in operating conditions. In most cases, in order to eliminate the malfunction, you need to call a specialist who will fix the problem right at home.

For any refrigerator, repair is an unpleasant situation, a way out of which must be sought quickly, especially in the warm season. People with expired insurance try to repair old equipment, and a refrigerator repairman in such a situation helps to save money, because the price of emergency refrigerator repair is much lower than the cost of purchasing new equipment. To urgently repair the refrigerator, you can choose several ways:

  • Try to fix the problem yourself
  • Contact the service, which will send a specialist who can deal with the problem right at home
Home Refrigerator Repair Service
How to fix a broken refrigerator

How to fix a broken refrigerator?

Refrigerators have a number of vulnerabilities that, as a result of improper operation, can lead to malfunctions:

  • The motor-compressor is unable to withstand high loads and burns out. A similar malfunction often occurs in the summer
  • The hot-melt sensor, which is located in the freezer on the evaporator, breaks (if your device has a No Frost system)
  • Temperature sensors, which can be located both in the freezer and in the refrigerator compartment, are out of order
  • The power cord that connects the display located on the refrigerator door and the control module has been frayed
  • The control board is out of order
  • Broken door handles
  • Other common refrigerator problems: not cold enough, coolant / water / freon leak, freezer / ice maker / compressor isn't working, refrigerator is not cooling, compressor / fan noise, water filter / evaporator coil is broken, door not closing

There are a number of reasons why you should contact a professional, and not try to fix the problem yourself:

  • High quality repair of refrigeration equipment at home will cost much less than measures to eliminate the consequences of self-repair
  • A private master at home can fix most of the breakdowns, which means you will save your time and money
  • The services of a private technician, as a rule, are inexpensive, and replace are carried out using components, the quality of which is confirmed by a guarantee
  • To immediately repair refrigeration equipment in San Jose, craftsmen use professional tools, as well as special knowledge and experience

Calling a refrigerator repair specialist today is an affordable repair service that you can use by contacting our service. You can rest assured that urgent refrigerator repairs will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We quick repair different type of refrigerators near you: side-by-side, french door refrigerators, bottom-freezer, top-freezer refrigerators, built-in, counter-depth, luxury, freezerless, mini fridges, drawer.

Our company repair all fridge brands: Sub-Zero, Thermador, Viking, GE Monogram, Gaggenau, KitchenAid, Miele, Whirlpool, Bosch, Bertazzoni, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Fisher Paykel, General Electric, Fulgor Milano.

High end refrigerator repair near me

In order for the replacement to take minimal time, when you call our specialist, describe in detail what exactly is happening with the refrigerator, tell us the brand, model and approximate age of your equipment. The foreman will be able to pick up the necessary details before leaving.

Only a specialist will tell you the exact cost of repairs after inspecting the refrigerator and determining the complexity of the necessary work and the cost of refrigerator repair parts, if they are needed. If the repair turns out to be impractical, the master will definitely warn you about this before starting work. We provide a long-term guarantee for all services. How we are working?

You leave a request for the departure of the master at a convenient time for you. The application can be made by phone or using the online order form.

The technician who came to you conducts initial diagnostics to determine the malfunction and the cost of work. Sends you a price list for services. How much does refrigerator repair cost in my area? We always provide cheap price for high-end refrigerator repair service.

Upon completion of all work, you will be given a contract and a reporting form. Based on these documents, you can contact us in the event of a warranty case.

High end refrigerator repair near me